The Asia Oceania Tax Consultants Association (AOTCA), the international organization for tax professionals in the Asia-Oceania region, was established in November 1992 on the initiative by the Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations. AOTCA has now grown to embrace a membership of 21 professional bodies (including associate member organizations) in 16 jurisdictions.

AOTCA holds the general meeting together with the meetings of the General Council, Technical Committee, etc. annually in a major city in the Asia-Oceania region, and the International Tax Conference is organized at the same time. The conference consists of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and technical sessions on selected topics, mainly related to international taxation and the tax environment surrounding the region.

Conference speakers are invited not only from AOTCA member bodies but also from international organizations, as well as from tax administrations, industries, and academic circles in the host country. This conference, with diverse and substantial content, will attract many participants.

AOTCA Conference 2023 will be held in Tokyo, Japan, from 31 October to 3 November 2023.